Health and Safety Laws and The Daily Balancing Act!

Look, you know your business, inside out.
However, health and safety laws have you on a daily balancing act.
Customers demand a great product or service but, you must make sure your workplace is safe. Balancing the two is seldom easy.

So many tasks seem to take priority over health and safety.
In the back of your mind, you know that you need to comply with health and safety laws. If you don’t the balancing act could also be a tightrope walk.
You could also be handling a hostile workforce. Worse still, you may clash with an unsympathetic government, resulting in hefty fines or worse!

Complying with health and safety laws along with all other aspects of business these days is a challenge.

You may have already wasted a lot of time and money on complex and expensive systems or costly consultants.
These consultants often promise to “do it all for you” but don’t know the first thing about YOUR business.

How Did Health and Safety Get So Complicated?

Can managing health and safety be made cost-effective and straightforward while keeping the main focus building a successful business?
Can you reduce the risk of losing everything you’ve worked for if a serious incident happens?

YES, you can!

First, let’s define the main reason for Workplace Health and Safety.
It’s all about – HAZARDS!
A Hazard is anything that can cause harm to people or affect their health.
Health and safety laws, in fact, EVERYTHING to do with health and safety, is designed around Hazards.
The goal of health and safety is to identify, assess and eliminate or reduce the risk of HAZARDS!

If there were no hazards, there’d be no need for any health and safety systems.

So, your challenge just got a whole lot more simple!
Identify, assess the risk of and eliminate or reduce the risk of hazards.
Then, keep everything up to date, consult with workers and report and fix new hazards.

Who’s Responsible For Complying With Health and Safety Laws?

Health and safety laws in most countries make it clear whose responsibility that is – YOURS!

Whether you’re a worker, owner or manager, YOU are responsible!
It’s YOUR duty to eliminate or reduce the risk of hazards in your workplace.

So, what do you need to;

  • identify known and potential hazards
  • assess the risk they pose
  • eliminate or reduce that risk
  • monitor the measure required to eliminate or reduce the risk
  • consult with the workforce
  • report and fix new hazards

You need a simple, cost-effective, “Do It Yourself” tool that brings it all under one roof and makes it easy.
Simple Worksafe!

With Simple WorkSafe, it CAN be much easier to create (and manage) a safer workplace and comply with health and safety laws. At the same time doing what you do best – running your business.