What if you had a team of health and safety consultants who would work for no extra than your current labour costs?

In addition, these consultants were also skilled in the processes of your business, AND they offered to take on the daily management of your health and safety.

They would “make it their own” by designing and implementing it so that no one could deny it’s relevance.
In addition, they were on-site during all phases of your business’s operation?

Surely the answer would be, “let’s give him a start NOW!”

Well, you already have that team!

Your FREE health and Safety Consultants Are Your Workers

Your workers have a largely untapped potential to reduce your health and safety management headaches for a fraction of the cost of “professional” health and safety consultants.

The trouble is many business owners, and managers have not understood the value of this massively underutilised source of expert advice. They don’t see the forest for the trees.

Many businesses struggle to get a relevant, up-to-date health and safety system implemented. Especially one that will stand up in court should it need to.
However, there’s an “on tap” resource that could make it much more straightforward, their team of workers!

Think about it.

Where are most health and safety systems designed? In the head office.

Who creates the proceduresrisk assessments and audits? The office staff or middle management.

Are they fully conversant with the intricacies of each facet of an operation? Very rarely.

Even outside health and safety consultants almost never know your business that well.

So often we see an office girl writing a Safe Operating Procedure for a machine or item of equipment. She’s assigned this task in spite of never having operated the thing herself.

Business owners and managers need to question this method of health and safety management.
The big flaw in it is this; A smart lawyer will prove the procedure was irrelevant and therefore useless. If you ever need to front a courtroom as the result of an accident, this could be a significant problem.

Your Experts Can Design a System That Works

You have your health and safety consultants already on your payroll, and they can design a system that really works and is always relevant.
Often, there’s a “management/worker” culture in the workplace. This culture can prevent recognition of this invaluable resource that sits under most business owners noses.
What good is this culture if it prevents the implementation of a better way?

If business owners could creep into the daily world of most workers they’d get a shock. Commonly, most workers regard “management designed” health and safety with disdain and humour.

If you’re genuinely trying to create a safer workplace, this is the opposite of what you need.

Worker “buy-in” is vital!

Look it doesn’t matter who designs health and safety management, workers, managers or health and safety consultants. What matters is that it works! If it doesn’t work, it’s all a massive waste of time and resources, no matter who designs it.

Most managers know that it’s their workers who perform the job processes daily. However, how many recognise the opportunity that presents in managing health and safety?

Management tends to see the task of planning and implementing a system in consultation with workers as very difficult. In most cases, they would be correct, but there IS a simple way to achieve it.